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it's better not to translate it word to word, if the english express well in another words, then do it !


1. Do you like to listen to the music? 2 the girl can't cross the street3 she must wait for a green? No,it doesn't4 can that women put her bike under the tree?5.She must be her bike to find a proper place6 she mustn't take your bike before in the supermarketShe can use the basket? yes8 I can put my volleyball in where?9 we can play computer games? No. After we can play.10. What time is it now? Now, seven moment11 we were late for school? Don't12 they each week to school six days? yes13 your math class on Tuesday? yes14 what time they're playing basketball? At 3:45You often eat driver talk to each other? Don't16. I usually get up at 6 o 'clock in the morning. Half an hour later I eat breakfast17. Your bike back home? yesAnd when you do your homework? At 6:3019. Tom "the" time for dinner? At 7:0020 he how many classes every day? 721. Peter often play basketball after schoolThe late Saturday, Nick. He get up after 9 o 'clock23. She often helps her mother clean the house, but sometimes he also write emails to her friends24 you father sometimes where reading a newspaper?25 you mom often shopping at the weekend? yes26 when your mother for you cook? On weekends, but sometimes she doesn't wash dishes27 you father at the weekend to go fishing with you? Yes. He also often wipe his car28 and he often find information on the Internet? Don't29 the girl often listen to music and cunning. The boy read comic books for half an hour30. He enjoyed his weekend? yes31. Mary doesn't like along the street32. The mother on Wednesday morning cleaning?33 you to take a bus to school? No, I go to school by bike34 I often read English newspapers dad in the library. You?35 we now think and do you go to the bookstore36 what do you often do on weekends? He often read books at home37 in her birthday party? Yes, she has many birthday gift38. Do you want some CDS? Yes, I just one39. Do you want to buy? I want to buy a gift for him40 when you want to shopping? After school, you want to go with me?41 where can we buy these toys? In the toy shop near our school42 and she wears a pink sweater and a pair of blue jeans, she looks so cool43. The bottle how many juice? manyYour friend for 44 you bought many gifts?45. Everyone enjoyed meeting, some people are talking about the film, some interesting table enjoy meal46. Last of all his friends to him and to his singing a happy birthday47. They want to share her and the big cake? yes48. All of her friends enjoyed? yes49 Millie. Where is her birthday party?50 yourself at the party?51. When is your birthday? Seiqnyied bat, in52 I twin brother Nick often eat a big meal?53. My birthday is my favorite day of the year54: what do you usually get 54 birthday gift? Clothes, shoes, toys and other good things

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1.More and more people are beginning to realize that education is not complete with graduation.2.When it comes to education, the majority of people believe that education is a lifetime study 3.Many experts point out that physical exercise contributes directly to a health 4.Proper measures must be taken to limit the number of foreign tourists, efforts to protect local environment and history from the harmful effects of international tourism 5.According to a recent survey, about four million people die from smoking related diseases every year6.The latest surveys show that quite a few children have, what associations with homework


As a mother, I knew I couldn't make up to you for years without obligations, I tried, struggle. But to no avail. Mom just wanted to wish you grow up quickly, grew up you will stand in front of my life, at mom to you be short of regret. But I was wrong, I feel laughable, you exactly hatred I, why? Why? Mother not wrong, mother always hard to earn money, struggling to wait. Was it the end? Children, you get what kind of education method? Is your father, he won't be a better father, he brought me a glimmer of hope also destroys the final so cruel. I give to your economic all cannot achieve, I really fail.


It is a rewarding journey.这是一次收获之旅(言简意赅)。



We have with us at the reception…这句话的意思根据我的理解应该是:参加本次招待会的有…(罗列人名)2。

Allow me, first of all, to express our cordial welcome to our distinguished guests.译:首先,请允许我向各位尊贵的客人表示热烈的欢迎!3.It gives us great pleasure to entertain our distinguished guests here. 译:能在此招待各位,我们实感荣幸。

4.Renew our old friendship.重续旧日友谊.5.Comments are welcome./Your advice will be appreciated. 我们欢迎您的批评、指教。

6.Do you still feel the jet lag?您时差倒过来了吗?(jet lag - 时差症:由于在喷气飞机上快速跨越几个时区而造成的短暂的身体节律的紊乱)7.Today we gather here to solemnly commemorate…今天,我们齐聚这里,隆重地纪念…8.Your presence just honors this meeting. 您能出席这次会议,我们倍感荣幸。

9.On behalf of all my colleagues, I would like to extend our warm welcome to you. 我代表所有的同事,向你表示最热烈的欢迎。

10.With a sense of great sorrow we bid farewell to…怀着沉痛的心情,我们向…道别(或者根据后文,译作:我们告别了…)。

11.Let us toast to our long-standing/time-honored friendship.让我们举杯,祝愿我们的友谊地久天长!(或者口语化一点:愿我们的友谊地久天长,干杯!)12.We go back with a full load of friendship.带着友谊与祝福,我们满载而归。


英语句子翻译 最好能给出多种答案!

1. There were many students ten minutes ago.2. Lucy is taking a class.3. His words sound very interesting.4. In my opinion, he is a student.5. again 再一次,又一次。






1. Doing eye exercises is good for your eyes. 2. Walk will help you keep healthy. 3. I must eat more vegetables.4. I usually have a week 8 to 10 times of fruit.5. You always do on Saturday?这个一定正确!

帮忙把这个句子翻译成英语 : 为了有强壮的身体,我们应该尽可能多...

你好,正确答案应该是:We should exercise as much as possible in order to have a strong body. 有一个强壮的身体 have a strong body. as much as possible 尽可能多的~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~祝你进步,如对你有帮助,请及时采纳~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~